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OGS, invincible, on the way to the N2

Grande-Synthe won for the 22nd time in as many games, making official their rise to the National 2, ten years after having left it (under the banner of UBGS), by defeating their runner-up, Ardres, at the end of a breathtaking evening (85-54).

If the OGS had so far rolled over the championship, it was less obvious at the moment of conclusion, against the Ardresians. The OGS' players did not start the game very well, but then took the lead a little better (half-time : 42-33). The two teams did not let up, even if OGS had a 10 point lead in the last quarter (70-60, 76-66). Ardres came back on level terms in the last minute (79-79) !

But Grande-Synthe managed the final with composure to achieve promotion to the next level. Coach Matthieu Szymkowiak was delighted: "It's really a relief. It was a great game for us and for the public."


GRANDE-SYNTHE - ARDRES : 85-84 (19-19 ; 23-14 ; 23-25 ; 20-26).

Grande-Synthe : Ahamed, Manier 17, Petit 16, Mockelyn, Picardo, Galloo 20, Top 7, Lesaege 10, Nelson 15, Touré.

ARDRES : Scherrens 1, Deprez 17, Mercier 13, Peinte 13, Geeraerdt 6, Sanz 19, Coeuret 13, Ghys, Laurent 2.


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