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Grande-Synthe invites itself into Nationale 2 after a breathtaking match

On Saturday evening, OGS Basket experienced a moment that will count in its history. With five days to go before the end of the regular season, the Maritimes, who have so far crushed everything in their path, validated their rise to the N2 by beating Ardres, 2nd in the group, by a small point.

The players were held up until the last few seconds, and drew on their mental and physical reserves to finally dominate the Ardresians, who would have been happy to throw in a cold one in the Debussy hall, which had turned up the decibels to the max. At the final buzzer, the smoothness invaded the yellow and blue night, between relief and pride.

"It's the end of an almost perfect season, with a match that was a bit crazy, but so nice to experience", said Matthieu Szymkowiak. "The players were over-motivated, these are never simple matches in the mental approach. There is quite a small challenge to be taken up, to finish the season undefeated. I don't know if we'll be able to do it, there's bound to be some decompression which is logical. But we'll try", continued the coach of this OGS who refuses defeat.

A title to go for

The last appearance of the club at this level was a decade ago. It was under different circumstances : it was at the time of the Grande-Synthe / Bourbourg union. "We don't regret it, it was a great experience", remembers the president Vincent Vassalle. Today, everything is done autonomously. It is the result of a long work. Here, we have succeeded alone. The OGS has 355 members and all our teams play at least at regional level. The icing on the cake would be to win the French N3 championship. We will do whatever it takes to win it". So this OGS really doesn't hold back on anything.


GRANDE-SYNTHE - ARDRES : 85-84 (19-19 ; 23-14 ; 23-25 ; 20-26).

Grande-Synthe : Ahamed, Manier 17, Petit 16, Mockelyn, Picardo, Galloo 20, Top 7, Lesaege 10, Nelson 15, Touré.

ARDRES : Scherrens 1, Deprez 17, Mercier 13, Peinte 13, Geeraerdt 6, Sanz 19, Coeuret 13, Ghys, Laurent 2.


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